Toxic Air Contaminant Program

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California’s Toxic Air Contaminant Act created the statutory framework for the evaluation and control of chemicals as toxic air contaminants (TACs). In implementing the law, DPR must determine the levels of human exposure in the environment and estimate the potential human health risk from those exposures. DPR’s evaluation report undergoes review by other government agencies, the public, and a Scientific Review Panel. DPR must then determine and implement the appropriate degree of control measures for the pesticide.

  • Background information:
    Description of TAC program, laws and regulations, and fact sheets
  • Monitoring:
    Plans and reports of air monitoring for candidate and designated toxic air contaminants
  • Evaluation (risk assessment):
    Information on health effects and exposure of toxic air contaminants
    • Scientific Review Panel (SRP):
      Charged with evaluating the risk assessments of substances proposed for designation as toxic air contaminants by the Air Resources Board (ARB) and DPR
  • Control (risk management):
    List of toxic air contaminants and information on measures to mitigate exposure
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    Anyone with e-mail capability can subscribe to free, automatic e-mail delivery of updated messages and announcements related to the Toxic Air Contaminant Program. These messages are issued periodically by DPR and include announcements of the availability of reports, public comment periods, upcoming SRP meetings, and other activities.

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